International Aerospace Exhibition (ILA)

As Euroavia Bremen, we proudly participated in the International Aerospace Exhibition (ILA) 2022, held in Berlin from June 22 to June 26. ILA is considered one of the most significant events in the aerospace industry, providing a platform for companies, organizations, and enthusiasts to showcase the latest technologies, innovations, and developments in the field. 

With the substantial support of Hochschule Bremen and under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Antonio Garcia, approximately 30 highly motivated members of our association embarked on the journey to the expo. This afforded us not only the opportunity to explore the latest advancements in aerospace but also an exclusive tour of the Airbus VIP area, organized by our dedicated colleagues from Munich. Accommodation was arranged in a hotel near the airport, and an evening stroll through the vibrant metropolis was, of course, an essential part of the experience. 

This special occasion allowed us not only to immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of aerospace but also to establish valuable connections nationwide. Meetings with our counterparts from Stuttgart, Munich, and Aachen became an unforgettable part of our journey, fostering the exchange of ideas and experiences. Euroavia Bremen represented not just a club but a dynamic community of enthusiasts who expressed their passion for aerospace in every facet of this thrilling event. 

We express our gratitude for the support that accompanied us on this journey and look forward to incorporating the insights and contacts gained into future projects.

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