Do you want to become part of us?

We’re glad to hear that! Simply download the membership application, or alumni application, and send the completed form to [email protected]

Do I need to study aerospace engineering to join EUROAVIA Bremen?

No. EUROAVIA connects students who have an interest in aerospace. Your field of study does not matter in this context.

Do I need to have specific knowledge to be part of EUROAVIA Bremen?

No. Everything you need to actively participate in EUROAVIA can be learned with us. Technical knowledge is not necessarily required for networking.

Is it mandatory to participate in projects and events?

No. We don’t have mandatory events except for the annual general meeting. Everyone can participate as much or as little as time and interest allow. You can enjoy all the benefits of EUROAVIA even if you are only occasionally involved!

Is there a cost for membership?

Yes. Membership costs 10 € per semester. However, this is offset by the benefits we provide.

How can I terminate my membership?

A simple email to [email protected] stating that you would like to resign at the earliest opportunity is sufficient for this.

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